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Feeling emo from rewatch + car radio earworm = new LJ icon
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If you are feeling any need for a pick-me-up to fight the post-holiday blahs, then run, don't walk, to read Guns 'n' Neuroses!
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Just in case you aren't hunky-dory with Livejournal allowing people to quote locked posts from your LJ on Facebook or Twitter and link back to your journal, you might want to vote in this poll. They've probably already decided to go ahead and do it, but maybe overwhelmingly negative reaction will make them think twice.

New Icon

Aug. 25th, 2010 08:20 pm
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Just trying out a new LJ icon.
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If you haven't already bought the Glee cast version of "Somebody to Love" on iTunes, go do so. Now.


May. 5th, 2009 04:22 pm
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Hey, just posting a link to a friend's new sound design website at Diablo Sound. He's a great guy with an extensive history of working on some impressive projects, so if you have theatrical or other needs for sound design, why not have a look-see?
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...having heard Jim Dale say "Oh HELL no!" while narrating this week's Pushing Daisies.
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It's fun to be the person who'll say what everyone else will only think to themselves.

Tonight as a co-worker and I were closing up the office and preparing to drive away, we saw kids sliding on makeshift tobaggans down the sloped road in front of our parking lot exit. She called out that they should probably stop sledding until the lot was empty of cars, since the road was iced over.

Cue blanks stares from them and the adult watching over them, followed by more sledding.

That's when I said, loudly, "Or stay in the road and get run over, that'll work too."

My co-worker laughed out loud despite herself. The kids got out of the road.
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How was I unaware of this for so long?!? Clearly John Sheppard should be the spokesman for this product. \o/
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Well, it's a sad day for Stargate Atlantis fans: cancellation news

I'm going to miss it. As much as I ranted about the writing, the show was blessed with a great cast and directorial crew, and has been my fun Friday night turn-off-the-brain-and-grab-the-popcorn show for more than three years. I really enjoyed watching for scenes with secondary characters like Dr. Zelenka and Major Lorne, both of whom rock beyond the telling. As did Teyla, who was not technically a secondary character but might as well have been.

The show has also been the inspiration for by far the most vital and enjoyable fanfic community I've ever run across. Hopefully that will stay strong for years to come, as there are some great writers out there turning out excellent work.

If it had to be cancelled after this season I must admit that the timing was perfect, with the news hitting in the wake of the episode where they airlocked Dr. Weir after having her played by an actress other than Torri Higginson. Karma's a bitch, Mallozzi.
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Hoo boy. In perverse reaction to the big workload coming down the pike at me at my office, I just signed up for the SGA fan art challenge at [ profile] paintedspires. Hopefully, having a deadline and an actual obligation to complete some non-work-related art will get the ol' creative juices flowing.
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Having been Complainer McGripeypants about Stargate: Atlantis for much of the current season, I feel like I should be especially complimentary of this episode.

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Wahooo! Finally, iTunes has made the Traveling Wilburys compilation album available for download. I can now hear "End of thte Line" whenever I want to, beginning to end, rather than having a 10-second snippet earworming me at random times.

While I'm thinking of it, I'm going to write down the steps for cooking my holiday roast so I don't forget in future.

2 to 2.5 lb. top sirloin roast
3 or 4 black plums, halved and pitted
1 bunch of celery, diced
1 package of pearl onions (3 or 4 sliced, the rest peeled and whole)
1/2 lb. kalamata olives
1 4 oz. package of Athenos crumbled feta (basil & tomato flavor)
cumin powder
ground coriander
cinnamon powder
garlic powder
1 jar St. Dalfour royal fig spread

(1) Preheat oven to 300° F.
(2) Tenderize roast by sticking repeatedly with barbecue fork in top and bottom.
(3) Rub top and bottom of roast with rosemary.
(4) Insert cloves into holes made by fork, approximately 3/4" to 1" apart.
(5) Dust top of roast liberally with coriander and cinnamon, adding dashes of cumin and garlic powder.
(6) Place in foil-covered baking pan and cook for 40 minutes.
(7) Remove roast from oven, flip, repeat step 5.
(8) Cover exposed top of roast with onion slices.
(9) Cook for 40 minutes.
(10) Remove roast from oven, flip.
(11) Spread royal fig spread over top and sides of roast.
(12) Cover top of roast with onion slices, crumbled feta, celery, and olives.
(13) Add plum halves over the seasoning layer above, pinned to roast with toothpicks.
(14) Fill pan with remaining celery, onions, olives, and feta.
(15) Increase heat to 350° and cook for 40 minutes.
(16) Remove from oven, drizzle with juices from pan.
(17) Remove cloves and serve. Makes 4 to 6 servings.

Here's the end result: voilà!
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Since there were first database maintenance issues with posting responses to Barak Berkowitz's front page explanation of the recent livejournal clusterfuck, and now it's saying that the entry cannot allow further comments, I wanted to post my response somewhere so it goes on the record. (And I have no doubt Mr. Berkowitz's livejournal mailbox has long since been abandoned, if it hasn't in fact shorted out from the strain of incoming e-mails.) Reproduced in its entirety except for my real name in the signature:

In the future, I would advise you to think FIRST of your actual clients and customers, to whom you have a responsibility, before taking radical action based on the complaints of outside persons or agencies. Much of this furor could have been avoided if you'd bothered to open a discussion with the livejournal clients at large about community standards rather than unilaterally deleting journals, without announcement or explanation, and not waited several days to inform that body of clients about what you're doing.

You've thrown away my trust, and you are going to have to work VERY hard to earn it back. I hope you're up to the task. And willing to bother trying in the first place.

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I had a nice surprise this morning as I was getting ready for work, though it should have occurred to me that it would happen: I have my old ass back! As of Day 30 on this round of dieting I've lost 21 pounds, and while I haven't made as much proportional progress on the waistline as I'd like, that means I've lost almost all my excess fat from the hips down. Maybe the weight loss is like a melting icicle, starting at the lowest point and gradually working its way upward?
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Mostly posting to feature this new icon, which I FINALLY got composited after many failed tries to manipulate Photoshop layers. I know there was an easier way to do some of this stuff back in 3.0 and 4.0. Whyfore you take away my useful tools while adding bells and whistles, Adobe?

Looks like I won't be going to see Romeo and Juliet as planned this afternoon... just after locking my door I realized that the theater is about 10 miles further away than I'd anticipated, meaning I'd have arrived 15 minutes into the first act. Ah well, I won't get to scope out the play's exceedingly hot director today, but I will be able to catch a late afternoon showing of Pan's Labyrinth instead. Not that bad a consolation prize.

After a series of missed tries that proved Murphy's Law, I eventually managed to get to Automatic Slim's Tonga Club while it was open last night. I can't for the life of me think why I haven't been back since 2000—the food is beyond excellent (grilled red snapper over lobster risotto with plantains last night), the atmosphere quirkily enjoyable and the crowd friendly and fun. I had a nice conversation with the couple at the next banquette table, something that too few restaurants promote these days. The parking situation sucks ($3 for 2 hours and I ALWAYS get hit up for cash by junkies and drunks if I walk so much as a half block), but I brave it for movies and dining out at other places.
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Huh. A fanfic writer whose work I've enjoyed just posed a sweeping question that about the fandom the other day that would generate complaints/negativity by the very nature of the discussion, and now her journal is friends-locked. rolls eyes forever

Perhaps it would be wise to avoid stirring up a hornet's nest if one is unprepared to encounter anything but friendly hornets?
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Ugh. I found out late last night that the roof has developed a leak over my bedroom ceiling, which is now discolored, cracked, and peeling apart. Water also dripped down onto my wardrobe (didn't get at the clothes inside, though) and down the nearest wall, whose plaster now has a ceiling-to-floor diagonal crack. If the wardrobe dries out OK none of the property damage will be to stuff that I actually own, but I'm not thrilled with the idea of contractors having to gut the wall and ceiling of that room to make repairs. Roofers redid the roof within the last year, so I suspect I'll be able to view their flayed carcasses after the landlord tracks them down.
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