Jan. 21st, 2007

bruinsfan: (rawrrr!)
Mostly posting to feature this new icon, which I FINALLY got composited after many failed tries to manipulate Photoshop layers. I know there was an easier way to do some of this stuff back in 3.0 and 4.0. Whyfore you take away my useful tools while adding bells and whistles, Adobe?

Looks like I won't be going to see Romeo and Juliet as planned this afternoon... just after locking my door I realized that the theater is about 10 miles further away than I'd anticipated, meaning I'd have arrived 15 minutes into the first act. Ah well, I won't get to scope out the play's exceedingly hot director today, but I will be able to catch a late afternoon showing of Pan's Labyrinth instead. Not that bad a consolation prize.

After a series of missed tries that proved Murphy's Law, I eventually managed to get to Automatic Slim's Tonga Club while it was open last night. I can't for the life of me think why I haven't been back since 2000—the food is beyond excellent (grilled red snapper over lobster risotto with plantains last night), the atmosphere quirkily enjoyable and the crowd friendly and fun. I had a nice conversation with the couple at the next banquette table, something that too few restaurants promote these days. The parking situation sucks ($3 for 2 hours and I ALWAYS get hit up for cash by junkies and drunks if I walk so much as a half block), but I brave it for movies and dining out at other places.


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