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Having been Complainer McGripeypants about Stargate: Atlantis for much of the current season, I feel like I should be especially complimentary of this episode.

I really think it was the most tightly written hour they've had all year. The main characters were all well written, the multiple plot threads each made sense and dovetailed nicely, and there were some nice callbaks to previous shows. Teyla had agency in the story, and her concerns were acknowledged and respected by McKay, Sheppard, and Carter. Mystery Invisible Babydaddy finally got some screentime. We got not one but two interesting Wraith adversaries. There was interaction with native Pegasus societies. Away missions were enacted with a reasonable amount of caution and preparation. Lorne got some good screentime (hey, eye candy has kept me loyal to this show during frequent absences of decent writing!). Keller continued not to bug. Caldwell made a welcome reappearance. As did Carson!

Really, I could only find one plot hole, which is HUGE for a show that's usually riddled with them like Swiss cheese: Since it was established previously that Teyla's baby amplifies her psychic powers enough to overwhelm even a Wraith queen's mind, I think she should have been able to easily take Michael over and arrange her own escape. But even this is subject to clarification in Part 2. Maybe they'll have a resonable explanation for why it wouldn't occur to her to try.

In conclusion: Good show, you get a cookie.
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